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Killarney Whiskey & Stout


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Killarney Irish Whiskey is an 8 year old premium blend sourced from some of the finest distilleries in Ireland. This small batch collector’s item is paired with a one-off imperial stout, marking the 8 year inception of Killarney Brewing & Distilling Co and celebrating the upcoming completion of Irelands largest independently owned and co-located distillery, brewery and visitor experience. A small batch of imperial stout was brewed to complement and enhance the flavours of this premium Killarney Irish Whiskey. The stout was then matured for 6 months in their whiskey barrels. Afterwards the whiskey was transferred back into these casks to take on the flavours of the stout.

This Inaugural Whiskey release includes 1x 750ml Killarney Whiskey Cask-Aged Imperial Stout


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